Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tim Gunn: How to Wear Vintage Right

Past perfect

"I love vintage dresses from the 1950s—they're flattering and really cute. How can I wear them in my daily life without feeling like I'm in a costume?"

I'm delighted by your question because it's an extremely relevant one. The key to keeping great, stylish dresses looking modern is to use on-trend accessories when putting together your look. Furthermore, your hair and makeup need to be current as well, or you'll risk going full-tilt Dita Von Teese. My good friend and coauthor of Gunn's Golden Rules, Ada Calhoun, is a die-hard vintage shopper who has a reverence for '50s style. She always looks relevant by styling vintage dresses with wide patent belts or a chic jacket. Carry an on-trend handbag and wear contemporary shoes and you'll look fabulous!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Muse Moment

I'm so excited to write this Muse Moment that features the soon to be Princess of Wales Kate Middleton. Her unique style has us already whispering fashion icon. She often chooses great hats to compliment her fabulous dresses and coats. Capture Kate Middleton's style with this great hat from Timeless Pieces Vintage.

Black pill box hat with veil;; $35.00.